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Plan your First Safari: 8 Easy Steps

With plenty of time to relax and rethink, I guess this is the best time to plan your first safari trip. Travel Experts suggest that following these simple and effective tips will definitely help you make your trip the most memorable one.

When planning a Safari Trip; most frequently asked question is Where should I go for one? What is THE RIGHT Destination to do so?

So overall every safari is a different one. Country, Place, Time will dynamically vary every experience you set out to carry with that. So do not go out there with presumptions that might kill the whole trip and send you on a bad trip.

First Safari

Take some efforts initially to google out a few destinations, talk with your travel planner regarding what would you like to see and expect on a safari. Do you want a land-based safari or a water one? What terrain do you prefer a rugged mud terrain or a dessert?

This would definitely mean that you have to do some budget analysis over soul searching activity. Duration of your safari will definitely increase the burns on your wallet because it is as good as buying one memorable experience.

First Safari

If you are doing it for the first time a week should be more than enough. Focus mainly on the primary areas that are well known for the best experience, which can also be combined with a perfect getaway stay on some beach or an old romantic city.

Second factor apart from the budget is the pace of your tour. The tour can sometimes get really hectic and drain you out of energy completely. Give yourself proper rest once you reach your tents/lodges to have a great experience.

Hey, it is totally OKAY if you do not wish to book some professional operator. Indeed that would actually cost you a bit more. So then how would you choose a perfect operator to help you?

First Safari

Look for someone who is local to the place of your safari. Try searching for various locals and compare the itinerary which you get from them, then you can be assured that you are getting something out of an ordinary everyday package. Try to negotiate and ensure that you get a truly special package which is designed exclusively for you.

First Safari

There are multiple lodges to stay and also many of the tour operators will suggest many places to stay. However, it is very important that you do some fact-finding and research of your own. Every place has it's own pros and cons. Experience factor in every lodge will vary. Hence you have to be very sure of what you really want from the location.

First Safari

A good PR mechanism promoting bigger lodges should not be ignored. Sometimes even a smaller and lesser-known place will offer you much more value than a place that is priced sky-high.

First Safari

During a Safari, mostly the game will get on track twice in a day. So if you are lucky you might spot the game both the times. However, the most crucial time is during the day is when almost all of the animals are active.

  1. Do not expect to see the big animals at the very first glance - Safari trip is not just like another weekend trip to some Zoo.

  2. Never Ever - Literally !! Get out of your vehicle unless the tour operator says it is safe to do so.

  3. This is your Holiday and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is a top-notch one.

  4. Keep your electronic devices on MUTE as even the slightest of the sound can disturb the whole experience

  5. Joshua Tough, The Marketing Executive of Desert & Delta Safaris suggests being interrogative. Asking questions to tour guide will really help you develop an interest in further activities.

Considering this is your first Safari trip - you definitely would not like to miss on sharing those amazing experiences on social media!

It is highly advised that whichever device you bring - get used to it priorly. You do not want to mess up when you are taking that final shot!

Also research online which camera suits which location, which temperature.

You can also check if your lodge rents you camera so that you can avoid luggage around the equipment.

And like I always say to a friend of mine - you do not want to be looking like someone who is out to play counterstrike in the real world haha!!

Think like the place where you are going for a safari. Are you comfortable with the outfit? Hey, just don't wear that because someone else asked you to do so.

Indeed keep the pattern more of a subtle matt colour - like white, grey, cream, muddy, beige, camouflaging with your surroundings.

You don't want to get spotted wearing those bright sunny summer colours and stripes around you. Do you?

Plan ahead of the trip. Do not forget to carry a hat/cap, sunglasses and definitely a sunscreen cream, mosquito repellent cream, and yes a Binocular which will offer at least an 8X30 magnification.

Last but the most important step is to research for and get thorough information about the tourist visas, which vaccination is required prior to safari and NOT FORGETTING travel insurance.

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