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Halebidu: The Ruin City, Karnataka - India

The ruined city or the Halebidu was the regal capital of culture, architecture and art during the 12th Century when Southern India was ruled by the Hoysala empire.

The city is known for its 2 temples - which are also the world heritage sites marked by UNESCO: The Kedareshwara Temple and the Hoysaleshwara Temple.

The architecture of the temples is surprising as people still wonder how was the entire structure carved out of just one stone during the 12th century. There are idols holding binoculars - indeed that time binocular was not even invented.

Every carved sculpture is different from the rest and there are no duplicates.

The main temple of Hoysala - the Hoysaleshwara temple depicts the epics of Mahabharat, Ramayan and the Hoysala dynasty.

To know more about the history of the Halebidu temple - check out this amazing video by News Nation.


  • Town Area: 2.5kms

  • Altitude: 960 meters or 3150 ft

  • Climate:

  1. Summers - temperature varies from 20 °C to 40°C. April is the hottest month

  2. Winters - Temperature varies from 14°C to 22°C. December is the coolest month

  3. Rainfall - 86cms and occurs from June till October

  • Ideal time hence can be any day after October begins and before February ends.

How to Go to Halebidu:

Connected By Road to:

  1. Belur - 6kms

  2. Hassan - 32 Kms

  3. Mysore - 149 Kms

  4. Bengaluru - 226 Kms

Reaching Halebidu:

Halebidu is well connected by road and rail to Bengaluru, Mysore and Mangalore, Hassan and Belur.

Route: NH4 -> Nelamangala, NH-48 to Hassan via Kunigal, Yediyur and Channarayapatna

Nearest Railway Station: Hassan

Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

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